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Living in an infinitely Univers


The art of Gregor Stehle can not be clearly understood at first glance. Rather, as an inventor, he creatively appears on the stage of the visible rather than seeking a style, continuity, or repetition.

Looking back on a work that has unfolded over 35 years, there is a sensitivity for space, as an existenzial potential ( Existenzial, Heidegger) , which Gregor Stehle phenomenologically explores, experiences and constantly questions. 

Whether in two or three or four dimensions, space and time move playfully and emotionally back and forth. The viewer or interactor of his art is thrown into a being that is not already predetermined, but constantly wants to be redesigned, discovered and experienced. Space shows itself as areas, fields, and spaceness. Space is body, space is feeling, space is spirit, space is spaceing and everything at the same time and interwoven. 


Different phases are recognizable as different areas of self-experience as space-creatior. Spirit is space and space is spirit. Space is not empty or emptiness, but an open field of possible experiences, a fullness rather an emptyness. That enable us to recognize and determine ourselves in an borderless univers of spaces. 


Gregor Stehle, born 1973 in Grötzingen, continues a line of modernity in art, that was suppressed and taboo by classical art history for long time: religiousness and spirituality in the art of the modern movement. It is only with the introduction and revival of these concepts that the art of Gregor Stehle becomes theoretically comprehensible and the scope of the seemingly incompatible visual solutions can be grasped in a tangible context. 


Living in an infinite universe, "being-in-the-world" does not know any particular form, seclusion can only be taken for granted as self-positedness. The big picture has no form. The infinite can not be grasped nor designated, but only explored in the artistic act, cried out and sensed. 

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